Luxury Back Massage 

25 mins 

To sooth and relieves aches and pains or just pure relaxation.


Luxury Body Massage  

50 mins  
Add Hot Stones

To release those daily aches and pains and relax the body and mind.


Technispa Double Slimming Treatment

Better and Faster Slimming - 60 mins  

This advanced -technological treatment is a true solution for contouring and enables fast slimming. The sculptor, a patented massaging devise, combines three simultaneous contouring actions that increase anti - cellulite effectiveness. A full body exfoliation is followed by a bespoke body massage using the sculptor and finished with an application of skin care product. The session results are instantaneous, the orange peel effect is smoothed, skin appears lifted and body is firmer and more toned.

Technispa Firming Lift Treatment

High-tech Lifting for the Body - 60 mins

Firmer skin for toned figure, get back more youthful shape with this toning, firming treatment. A full body exfoliation is followed by a muscle workout, using specialised rollers to work the muscles to burn fat and firm and refine the silhouette and finishing product applied. It reinforces supporting fibres, as well as tightens and smoothes tissues. The silhouette is resculpted and skin is firmer.

Soothing Leg Treatment

For Light and Relaxing Legs - 30 mins

Specially designed to alleviate the feeling of heavy legs, this treatment physically decongests, soothes and refreshes. The legs are exfoliated then massaged with the sculptor, which uses 3 simultaneous actions to aid penetration of active ingredients, aid drainage and firm the tissues, a decongesting cooling leg gel is applied to complete the treatment. Legs are trimmer, relaxing and light.




Select from Fake Bake or Guinot product. 

Hand applied to give you longer lasting tan 5-10 days.

Hand applied Full Body Tan

- 30 mins

Hand applied Leg Tan

20 mins  
Add Body Exfoliation



Aromatherapy back massage

- 25 mins

Special blended oils to treat your personal ailments or just pure relaxation.



- 55 mins

This ancient treatment works on key pressure points on the feet. To help energise, relax and restore the body's balance.


Hopi candle ear treatment

- 30 mins 

This relaxing holistic therapy is helpful for Sinusitis, headaches and ear pressure.